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A fully functioning and reliable car is extremely crucial for our safety and security when driving. When you drive a car, you are essentially putting your life in the hands of how well the car is functioning and serving to protect you. A secure and reliable car is one that has no broken parts nor technical issues and is able to protect you at any given time. That is why you always want to ensure that nothing is broken or worn out in your car for even the smallest thing. Even a minor issue such as a broken lock can be life threatening and dangerous and so it is to your best interest to fix it as soon as it occurs.

Fortunately for you, Veteran Mobile Locksmith Corp takes car safety very seriously as we constantly strive to ensure that our clients not only feels secure in their car but that their car actually contains all necessary safety means to protect their life. Veteran Mobile Locksmith Corp is a leading locksmith company offering quick, professional and reliable auto locksmith services located in the Long Island ,New York area.
Our automotive services include:
  • Car Lock Installation and Repair
  • Car Key Repair and Replacement
  • Car key cutting
  • Duplicate car keys
  • Transponder key programming
  • Car key extraction
  • Car Ignition Replacement and Repair
  • Emergency Car Lockout
  • Rekey ignition
  • Remotes
  • Replacement and Repair
We have skilled and experienced technicians
Our team of experienced professionals makes use of the latest modern auto technology and tools to serve with top-notch locksmith services. Our technicians hold vast knowledge and experience on a variety of car brands and models and are thus qualified to fix any type of automotive issue regardless of the car’s origin.
Emergency service 24/7
Whenever you are in need of replacing your lost key or in need of a quick lock picking or replacement, our experts at Veteran Mobile Locksmith Corp are available 24/7 to assist you. Don't hesitate to call during weekends or in case of an emergency as we do not charge extra fees for weekends nor emergency calls. It is our top priority to provide you with all the necessary safety measures to ensure that your car protects you everywhere you go and that you feel safe at all times.
Lock Installation and Repair
Looking to have a new car door lock installed in your car? Is your car lock not working right and in need of repair? Our car lock specialists are ready to fix or replace your car locks for you on-the-spot, no matter where or the time of day.
Available 24/7 in the Long Island area, we will repair and install (if necessary) any broken car door locks that are posing a risk to your safety. We greatly value our client’s safety and security which is why we always give honest and professional service and advis.
Car Key Replacement and Repair
If you are ever in need of your car key replaced, you might be compelled to call your car dealership for assistance. However, this might not be a smart decision as car dealerships can be very time consuming and costly for no necessary reason. It is of greater value to call a professional locksmith like Veteran Mobile Locksmith Corp for assistance, as we provide clients with honest and valuable pricing regardless the model of your car.
Most modern vehicles utilize an encrypted key for additional security. This makes duplicating keys a much more difficult process as it adds a layer of security to help stop thieves. Fortunately for you, we have special decoding equipment that our trained technicians use to copy and program duplicate keys for almost any car model. Our locksmith vehicles are fully equiped with this technology, so we can often cut your new key on-the-spot in just a few minutes.
Ignition Repair and Replacement
Car ignition issues are of no laughing matter. Not only can they make driving dangerous, but they can also prevent you from starting your vehicle in the first place. Sometimes, damage to automotive ignition is too extensive (and costly!) to repair – and in these cases, you want to rely on honest and professional technicians like those at Veteran Mobile Locksmith Corp professionals to assist with your car issue.
Our skilled car ignition professionals are experts in this matter and will swiftly replace your car’s ignition with the utmost efficiency, precision, and delicacy at a budget-friendly price. With our help, you will be able to get on the road in now time!
Emergency Car Lockout
When your keys are locked inside your car, speed is of an important matter. You want to ensure that your service arrives in a timely fashion and that the locksmiths you are working with have the necessary expertise to provide efficient and precise service. Luckily, the locksmith at Veteran Mobile Locksmith Corp meets all of the above criteria and can be relied upon for fixing any issue regarding your car lockout. Located in the Long Island area, you can count on us to rescue you in times of crisis at any given time and day, even in times of emergency.
Remotes Replacement and Repair
Most key fobs are easy and convenient to use because they are combined with a built-in remote mechanism. In some situations, however; the remote itself may stop working due to a malfunctioning mechanism while the key blade may still be working.
Oppositely, the key blade may break off but the remote may function just fine. No matter what scenario you may find yourself in, Veteran Mobile Locksmith Corp is here to assist with your car key issue. Our skilled technicians will get your remote key reprogrammed back to its fully functioning state so you don't ever have to face the inconveniences of malfunctioning key fobs.
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